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Course Description

Stretching and Flexibility

This dynamic theoretical and hands-on course introduces in depth logical table assisted stretching and flexibility protocols to increase flexibility, body-awareness, and neuromuscular control. This course is approximately 20% theory and 80% hands on.

The use of Specific Protocols that provide immediate results that last! 

During the theoretical introduction the neurophysiology of stretching and flexibility training is expanded and explained so that you understand the underpinning theoretical science - this level of understanding allows us to understand the how’s and why’s of stretching and flexibility as a modality. 

Common postural syndromes, rest postures and fundamental mobility and stability will be assessed; this gives the therapist/and or trainer a blue print of flexibility and movement capabilities the client has. 

This is key in order to treat, develop immediate and ongoing treatment protocols.

These protocols utilize neurological laws based on Muscle Energy Techniques (MET) to create immediate and long lasting results

Systematic Stretching and Flexibility protocols are used that utilize specific muscle energy techniques to restore flexibility, pliability, neuromuscular control and motion of the soft tissues.

Releasing muscles and surrounding fascia is one component of long lasting change. The soft connective tissues need to be re-trained and re-educated to optimally function in this new lengthened range of motion. 

Discover how to devise treatments plans based on postural traits and by using simple repeatable movement analysis that requires zero equipment and takes under 60 seconds to perform.

Learning Objectives

  • Screen for the two fundamental movement patterns 

  • Learn how and why Contract Relax Antagonist contract (CRAC) is key to long term improvements 

  • Learn how to use eccentric loaded stretching (ELS) to improve Range of motion  

  • Learn how ELS and CRAC contribute to fascia and joint health 

  • Learn why rest positions are fundamental to understanding human movement patterns 

  • Learn how to incorporate Muscle Energy Techniques to improve range of motion for the two fundamental movement patterns 

  • Learn in depth protocols to improve the two fundamental human movement patterns 

  • Learn how resting postures can be used for assessment, treatment and prevention of muscular pain

  • Learn how neighboring muscles and joints can affect the kinetic chain 

  • Learn how to screen assess and treat the mobility restrictions 

  • Learn how to recognize mobility restrictions, 

  • Learn how to recognize when poor stability is masquerading as poor flexibility  

  • Learn self muscle activations drills to improve body awareness and reduce fatigue 

  • Learn how to screen your own body for movement restrictions 

  • Learn corrective stretching for self-care 

  • Learn correct body mechanics when delivering assisted stretching 

Course Benefits

  • Learn an innovative approach to body work

  • We limit our class sizes to maximum of 20 students to allow the instructor to provide

     more personalized attention to all participants

  • Access to a private facebook group, where participants can network and ask questions.

  • Early access to manual prior to seminar.

  • Reading list to enhance the participants educational experience

  • Early registration access and discounts to future seminars

  • 16 CEUs provided through NCBTMB or local board

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