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This course is divided into 102 small digestible lessons ranging from how the PPP protocol work to assessing stretching the big toe and all in between 
Each lesson comes with videos, PDFs manual, PowerPoint slides and a short quiz after each section
Systematic Stretching and Flexibility protocols are used that utilize specific muscle energy techniques to restore flexibility, pliability, neuromuscular control and restore  of the soft tissue qualities
What do you get
🔺Access  and feedback via private groups discussions
🔺You will Learn the specific PPP stretching protocols
🔺You will learn over 70 different stretches 
🔺You will learn 15 protocol specific muscle  range of motion assessments
🔺This course introduces in depth logical stretching and flexibility protocols to increase flexibility, body-awareness, and neuromuscular control
🔺During the theoretical introduction the neurophysiology of stretching and flexibility training is expanded and explained so that you understand the underpinning theoretical science- this level of understanding allows us to understand the how’s and why’s of stretching and flexibility as a modality

NASM/AFAA CE approved

NCBTMB CE approval coming soon!