Massage and Movement Therapy Education

Pain Posture Performance was created with the goal to educate other massage therapist and fitness professionals to provide a dynamic theoretical and hands-on course and online training that introduces concepts of movement and posture.

Stay Informed and receive a Complimentary Self Myofascial Release and Corrective Stretching Routine.

Live Seminars

We believe massage therapy is an essential tool to help people get back to a healthier and active lifestyle. Through massage therapy clients can experience almost immediate results. Every year new technology is invented to treat people, but good old massage therapy can never be replaced.

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Online Courses

Learning with us is now available online worldwide. Through our online Stretching and Flexibility Seminar students can access our education from the comfort of their own house. The course is designed to be done at your own pace and with a practice partner.

Through our online Pain Posture Performance seminar, massage therapists and fitness professionals will learn techniques to enhance their practice.

PPP Academy

PPP Academy is a weekly source of in-depth detailed massage therapy and stretching techniques to enhance your practice. Videos will be mid and long form approximately 10-15 minutes per technique; deeper explanation of therapist biomechanics, positional awareness, relevant anatomy and rationale behind the techniques which teach.

The right massage
therapist can help you be pain-free

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