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Why Therapy

Recent research suggests up to 90% of pain symptoms are considered idiopathic, which means there is no known cause. One of the main reasons for this is lack of time dedicated to the examination of soft tissues. Our therapists will analyze and thoroughly explore the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in order to find these hidden sources of pain. Many of people seek diagnosis using expensive equipment such as X-rays, MRI scans and so on. The results will often come back showing no pathology or cause of pain. Whilst these types of medical investigations are very important, they do not always identify deep routed ischemia, immobility and perpetrating factors like an assessment at Pain Posture Performance can. There are certain muscle groups for which many people exhibit imbalances, regardless of their sport or occupation. Exercises will be used to address these weaknesses directly and ensure maximal improvement in strength and stability. At the same time, a series of muscle tests will be used to detect key muscular weakness specific to the client. Most generic gym strength and stretching programs can and often do exacerbate muscular imbalances syndromes. It’s commonly known as ‘mirror muscle training’: you only train the muscles you see in the mirror and consequently the strong muscles get stronger and tighter and the weak get weaker and longer, leading to more pain and stiffness.  We take a different approach, addressing fundamental flaws in your body and alleviating your pain.   

What to expect

During your initial visit, we will take a comprehensives history of your health and injury status. A full postural and flexibility assessment allows us to identify muscular imbalances and restrictions within your body. Chronic imbalances can lead to a whole host of painful symptoms throughout the body and not just at the site of imbalance. We will document your flexibility in order to create a personalized stretching program tailored to your specific needs. This also allows us to reassess your progress after eight weeks of flexibility training to ensure maximal results and pain relief. Muscular weakness within key areas of the body will be identified. Specific tests will help to determine weakness/instability of muscles around the hip and ankle, core and low back shoulder and neck Active isolated stretching Nmt Et Etc.  

The Treatment

The goal of this therapy is to restore motion, function and strength of the soft tissue and release trapped nerves. This is accomplished through the removal of adhesions or fibrosis in the soft tissues via the application of specific stretches and manual pressure. Adhesions can occur as a result of acute injury, repetitive motion, poor posture or constant tension. 

We can identify and correct abnormal muscle imbalances. We will help to eliminate the pain and dysfunctions associated with these trigger points. You will often feel instant muscular relief and see increased flexibility after just one session. This approach benefits a broad range of the people from the office worker to the professional athlete. These are some of the results that you can expect to achieve depending upon your personal objectives:


Increased flexibility  

Increased joint mobility  

Reduced pain and muscular stiffness  

Improved posture  

Improved athletic performance  

Increased energy  

Enhanced body awareness  


Sports Massage

Athletes at virtually every level of performance can avoid injury through sports massage. Sports massage is designed to help maintain physical condition, boost energy and endurance, improve range of motion and prevent injuries to muscles and tendons. We offer three types of sports massage:  

  • Pre-Event Sports Massage prepares the athlete mentally and physically prior to competition.  

  • Post-Event Sports Massage flushes out the toxins and lactic acid that are responsible for muscle fatigue.  

  • Maintenance Sports Massage is administered between events to enhance strength training, maintain flexibility and reduce risk of injury.  

Deep Tissue Release

Stress often causes pain and tension. Poor posture can contribute to a cycle of chronic pain. Ou therapists uses a combination of sports massage and other techniques to affect the deeper layers of muscle and fascia. By working slowly and with proper leverage, muscles relax, open, and allow a release of tension.   

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS)

AIS has become the stretching method of choice in the upper echelon of the sporting world. Rather than the traditional 30 second static stretch which works against the body's built-in stretch reflex, the multiple stretches in AIS last for up to two-seconds each. With each repetition, the range of motion is increased, often with dramatic results. During the stretch, the muscles are relaxed, warmed, making it the safest stretching method around.   

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)

We use this therapy to locate trigger points in your muscles. These points may very often be painful, irritated areas or they may refer pain to other parts of your body.  Once these trigger points are located; Our therapists use specific methods to break the cycle of spasm or pain.  

Mobility Re-education

This is a holistic exercise system designed to retrain your nerves, brain and muscular system for maximum performance and health. The system helps people help themselves. The stretching element, which utilizes the principles of AIS, is an effective treatment for deep and superficial facial release, resulting in mobilization and realignment of the soft tissue. 

Corrective and Rehabilitative Exercise

A service which can benefit almost everyone, corrective exercise is an integral element in correcting aches, pains and imbalances. Training is usually implemented over a two to four week cycle. After conducting an in-depth assessment to identify areas of concern, we teach our clients specific exercises to normalize muscle imbalances. Bio-feedback tools ensure perfect form and muscular contractions, and a hands-on approach during exercise guarantees correct posture and movement. By eliminating your weak points and strengthening your structural integrity, corrective exercise gives you a strong foundation on which to build your new body.  

Postural Correction 

Can be integrated into your corrective and rehabilitative training program or offered as a stand-alone service. We will devise a bespoke program that builds core strength, flexibility and muscle conditioning, corrects imbalances, relieves pain and prevents injuries. 

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