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Mike O. (Client and Student)

"After getting certified as a massage therapist recently, I was searching for more knowledge about my profession that I was starting. Learning about Daniel Christie through social media about massage therapy modalities. As a CrossFit instructor I do see a lot of injuries around posture and imbalances. I wanted to learn more, so I researchedand found Pain posture Performance. I set out to go to the weekend seminar that took place in Miami, FL. It was a great course to be a part of and learned a lot that I was able to immediately introduce to my clients. Beside finding out some great techniques to help out ease the load off the therapist from Danny, he gives you better understand about posture and weaknesses which help me find some of my very own. As a Weightlifter, it takes a lot of positions and flexibility plus mobility to help the sport. The weekend seminar does help you understand about body awareness and self-diagnoses with assessment to better find it on your own. I sought out to get assessed from Danny after the seminar, which help me get to understand my shoulder issue.  I recommend anyone who is looking to better their craft. Give Danny and Kiki a chance to show you how awesome they are to relay this message to others." 

- Mike O.

Jack F. (Client)

"Danny Christie is first, and foremost, a talented massage therapist. He quickly identified the issues with my spinal stenosis, back and leg pain, and numbness in my feet. He has employed both exercise and pressure point therapy, as well as selective stretching to alleviate pain increasing both strength and flexibility. He has given me a unique set of exercises which I am able to do daily.

While some of the solutions are muscle related, the problem is likely spinal arthritis impinging on my nerves, but we have been able to delay possible surgery as long as possible. I know I will be able to count on him for rehab if I do eventually have to have it relieved surgically.

Working with Danny is also a pleasure. I highly recommend his work."

-Jack F.

Jeff K.  (Client)

"I have been a client of Daniel Christie for the last 9 years. During that time, I have utilized Daniel’s services as both a Therapist as well as a Personal Trainer; during this time, Daniel has also provided me with guidance on nutrition and helped me create a healthy but realistic daily consumption plan.

As a busy executive, I appreciate Daniel’s professional service; he is always on-time and never cancels. Although he has a strong book of business, I have always found Daniel to be flexible with his time and willing to accommodate my schedule, even later at night or somewhat last minute when Daniel’s therapy skills were desperately needed. As important, Daniel has such an upbeat attitude, always arriving with a smile on his face and a let’s-get-to-work energy; he motivates through positive reinforcement – gentle but effective.

Daniel is smart, well-read and makes working out – something I have never enjoyed – enjoyable."

-Jeff K.

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